Kate Beckinsale Mesmerizes In Breathtaking Mermaid Costume

Close up of Kate Beckinsale
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Kate Beckinsale's Instagram feed is always a joy to see due to the actress' never-ending antics. In a recent share, she proved that anyone can be a mermaid with her cute dance and artificial mermaid tail.

Although she's often goofy on the internet, Beckinsale gets serious on social issues that are passionate to her. She always speaks up against injustice no matter the circumstance and has done it again.

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Mermaid Dance

Beckinsale and her close friend Gabriella Morpeth danced on their pool loungers wearing bikini tops and mermaid tails as bottoms. She wore a pink sleeveless top with a sweetheart neckline, while Morpeth chose a colorful triangle top.

Both ladies had pink tails, but Beckinsale's own was an ombre shade with hints of purple and a blue lower part. Whereas the actress packed her hair in a ponytail and covered her eyes with square-shaped sunglasses, her friend let her blonde hair down and wore heart-shaped frames.

Legs For Days

Beckinsale also recreated Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress situation in her front yard. She wore a short flared mini-white dress with a V-neckline and ruffled sleeves. Then, the actress paired her gown with nude strappy platform heels accentuating her toned, long legs. Finally, Beckinsale wore her hair in its signature curly ponytail and shielded her eyes from the sun with sunglasses. "Oh No," she jokingly captioned.

Advocating For The Voiceless

However, there was nothing funny about her post concerning the Iranian woman who died due to "morality police brutality." Beckinsale voiced out in a lengthy caption asking the world to speak up because,

"Authoritarian leaders hope people get distracted and move on."

According to news reports, the Iranian morality police beat the woman, Mahsa Amini, to death for not wearing her hijab (headcovering) properly. Beckinsale wrote,

"Please share this post to get the word out. Mahsa Amini was a 22 year old woman who was in Iran with her family . She was tortured to death by Iranian authorities after Iranian morality police arrested her for improper wearing of the hijab."

More On The Iranian Situation

Beckinsale further explained the growing situation saying,

"Prof Ali Ansari, a specialist in Middle Eastern politics at St Andrews University ,has said the tightening of hijab rules is part of a 'systematic wider pattern of repression' within Iran that has worsened in the year since the election of Raisi in August 2021."

She continued saying,

"These injustices are yet another consequence of the lack of accountability in Iran.” In response to her murder, her mother said, 'Let the world know they killed my daughter!'"

Beckinsale ended with a plea saying,

"Since Amini's death, the internet monitoring website Netblocks has documented internet outages since Friday -- a tactic Iran has previously used to prevent the spread of protests. So let's continue to share her name and her story."