Christina Ricci Stuns In See-Through Lace Dress

Christina Ricci
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Geri Green

Christina Ricci is turning heads as she flaunts her figure in multiple looks - including a sheer dress. The actress, 41, is currently making major headlines as fans gush over The Addams Family spinoff, Wednesday. All eyes are now on Christina, who famously starred in the OG movie as a child back in 1991. Christina updated her Instagram recently while sharing photos from a glam shoot. Defying her years, the much-loved star wowed in a sheer lace dress, with fans leaving her over 43,000 likes. A like even came in from talk show host Kelly Ripa.

Stuns In Sheer Lace Dress

Christina Ricci
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In photos shared with her 800,000+ followers, Christina posed all girly-like and amid greenery for an opening shot showing off a sleeveless dress. Fans had to swipe for the sheer action, where Christina returned for a mysterious vibe while posing by shrubbery.

Glancing to the side and wearing a chic knotted headscarf, the actress showed off her figure in a strappy lingerie-style dress in blue and purple. The latter color manifested up top as Christina went lacy and see-through. The mom of two also wore a leather-like wrist bangle, plus a glam French manicure. She sported pale and discreet makeup, plus a dark matte lip drawing attention to her features.

Further photos showed Ricci in a tie-dye dress with chunky black boots - the gallery switched between color and black-and-white.

For Mastermind Magazine

Christina shouted out the shoot accompanying her latest magazine feature in a caption. "Mastermind Magazine," she said, then tagging her glam squad.

Christina has been making headlines outside of Netflix series Wednesday. She's fresh from opening up on Today Parents as she looked back on her teen years. The actress noted unwelcome comments she received on developing breasts as she went through puberty. She also revealed having suffered from an eating disorder - fortunately, Ricci recovered at the age of 15.

Getting Real About Hollywood

Noting the immense focus on looks in the Hollywood industry, Christina said, “People would basically all get together and look at you and decide how to fix everything that was wrong with you. And I never enjoyed those days of everybody talking about my flaws.”

Didn't Consider Her Feelings

She continued, saying that in Hollywood, "the production — the movie being made — is more important than any individual’s feelings. So they didn’t have to consider my feelings. That can be a big problem when you're a kid."

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